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Panel Beating

Going Soft

Vst Downloads For Muse Receptor Pc


Receptor Upgrades

Vst Downloads For Muse Receptor Download

VST Plug-in Compatibility

Vst Downloads For Muse Receptor Free


  • Rock‑solid, low-latency operation with excellent audio quality.
  • Far more rugged than a laptop for live use.
  • Solid-state drive option runs cooler and quieter than standard hard drives, and is almost totally immune to stage vibration.


  • Noisier than expected.
  • eSATA support not yet implemented in software.
  • Still not as powerful as many modern rackmount PCs



Test Spec

  • Muse Research Receptor 2 Pro Max, system version 1.8.20090821.
  • PC with Intel 2.4GHz dual‑core processor, 2GB Corsair RAM and Windows XP with Service Pack 3.




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